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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

HANSE OIL Group Refining Consortium Singapore (Nigeria) SHELL SPDC Petroleum Development Company Nigeria In view of the great sensibility and the bad name of the bonny crude business, HANSE OIL in association with SPDC SHELL Petroleum Development Company Nigeria plan formation of a joint marketing and trade unit lead by HANSE OIL for the global trade and marketing of bonny crude.

Serious registered Suppliers or Buyers for bonny crude are invited to join this new formation. Basic Conditions:

1. HANSE OIL Assess and 'PersonaLUnion' License "

2. HANSE OIL Membership in "The Oil Club International" in lieu a valid Single Trade License for crude oil More details on application via "My Account":

3. Participation Sheet, mutually tailored.


Contact Information:

Email MarketScan


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