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HANSE OIL target Africa expansion

Oil Trader HANSE OIL target Africa expansion 2019 - a growing presence. HANSE OIL Group, a private independent oil and commodities trade- and finance group is eyeing opportunities to expand its business in Africa.

Africa is an important market for trading companies because of limited infrastructure and a lack of refining capacity. While some African countries are large producers of crude, such as Nigeria, Libya and Angola, nearly all of them have to import large quantities of refined fuels.

“We like Africa,” Dr.Ronald C. Schweitzer, CEO, said. “If you look at the African continent there’s a lack of investment in refining capacity. The Chinese, the Indians are all building a lot of refineries and the oil products have to move somewhere — Africa is the logical place.”

"2019 we plan to invest in greater energy- and oil (finance) projects and regional Investments - backed by considerations to open our first regional HANSE OIL branch in South-West Africa.

We welcome nearly types of serious business offers to cooperate.

Applicants to submit initially at least their Web Account ID on top of all messages. Thank you.

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