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Discretion and Confidentiality is the base. The Oil Club International forms a global network of business, professional, community leaders and senior traders who volunteer their time and talents to serve communities locally and around the world – and form strong, lasting friendships in the process all supported by potential investors and sponsors worldwide. The Oil Club’s original location was in Nicosia, Cyprus, Europe. To meet the requirements of an increasing membership and the greater demands for its services, the Club moved into its present quarters on the top level of the Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place, in the center of Singapore.

Founded in 2010. The Oil Club has evolved from a fraternity of prominent oil men and senior traders into one of the finest independent clubs in Asia. Its members, who include oil and gas executives and sponsors in the industry, business, finance and banking, cherish the club because of the personal attention and exceptional service they receive .Surrounded by a potential trade- and finance atmosphere, members and their guests enjoy a social wealthy ambience, global business facilities and events. ​

Over the past two years the club has evolved into a membership with great diversity. Today the Club has expanded the membership roster beyond the energy- and oil community to include legal, business, diplomatic and educational leaders.


Locations and Arrangements in many central trading places

Privileged Club Atmosphere. Discrete and Confidential

Support and Financial Aid for Club Fellowship and Sponsors

Political lobbying and Crude Oil Trading on a global scale

We fly in our oil clients with private ClubEasyJet to our offices

The Oil Club Members will have the privilege to enjoy:

reciprocal privileges to other premier clubs, foundations and business places worldwide: As Club Member we extend certain rights and privileges to associated individuals and petroleum organizations worldwide. By using the Club skills and expertise, members also enhance their professional network, business and cross-cultural oil business cooperation.

♦ Fellowship in a premier private Oil Club with international recognition ♦ Prestige and exclusivity of membership ♦ Controlling an exclusive international Communications and finance service network ♦ Networking and Lobbying through high founder- and committee participation ♦ Business Places and professional Secretary Service worldwide ♦ Individual 'In-Club' contract assistance (legal issues, shipping, finance, etc. ♦ Crude Oil Trading, Contracting & Finance Management Series ♦ Club Finance- and operational Task Force worldwide and banking network access ♦ First Aid measures in financial- or social matters out of the Club middle

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