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Madden nfl 23 is the first cover with two athletes from Madden NFL 10 in which Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame Safety Troy Polamalu shared the cover with the great wide receiver of the Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald. EA announced it's Madden nfl 23 reveal as the "Two G.O.A.T.s" cover in the sense that Brady is widely regarded as the best ever, and Mahomes seems to be the heir apparent. But Brady was never seen as a star at all levels of the NFL. Tom Brady was drafted in 2000 at the sixth pick, the 199th selection overall. He was seen as a project quarterback who had a chance to Mut 23 coins be an effective backup quarterback in the NFL. Therefore, with his entry to the famed Madden NFL 2001, a year after his entry into the NFL and was a measly 57 overall. In addition, he didn't even have a name in the game. Tom Brady, a player who went on to take home a record seven Super Bowl Champions, was just known as QB NO. 12.

One of Brady's former teammates and his reported friend off the field--Julian Edelman--quickly found an excuse to taunt his Hall of Fame-bound teammate when it was announced that the Madden nfl 23 decision was made. Edelman tweeted a picture showing Tom Brady's lineup info in Madden NFL 2001, with the caption "You've been a long way since QB NO. 12." Edelman played a role in helping Brady take home three Super Bowl Championships with the New England Patriots and just recently was let go from the NFL.

Tom Brady's journey is remarkable. Tom Brady has the same cover Mahomes. But the journey for them has been very different. Mahomes joined the NFL as a high-end talent, a player has the Kansas City Chiefs traded up in the initial round of buy mut coins madden 23 the select. He's one of the most physical players of all time, and is definitely a player to watch for Madden nfl 23. Meanwhile, Brady worked his way into the team and is today the most revered quarterback of his time, and perhaps ever. Both could be considered the greatest of all time, even if they came from very different backgrounds.

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