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HANSE OIL Purchase

Purchase Request. Daily updated

HANSE Purchase is subject to HANSE OIL GTS General Terms of Purchase and Sale. Our licensed brokers must identify themselves by their 8-digits License ID. Brokers are not permitted to underwrite any commitment or bind HANSE to whatsoever extent. HANSE Purchase Commitments are subject to  HANSE GTS, Purchase Memorandum and a signed HANSE FTS Firm Term Sheet. Please do not submit bulk-offers and be precise as possible; preferably please do not use private email addresses. 

1.  Login / Register in our website (this site)

2.  Send us an email soft advise or use the contact form below this page for initial contact

3.  Submit your formal Business Application (Offer) upon invitation of HANSE through our website.

4.  Further proceedings require HANSE OIL Accreditation

  • ID Ma43433 Bonny Crude Oil
    Click here for more Information We are actually interested to lift all crude at Nigerian Shell Terminal. We offer highly flexible payment and are even in the position to finance your purchase contracts. You will know that all business negotiations require HANSE OIL Assess and a License Account. We shal lift the product with own charter vessels or through Maersk- or China Line.
  • ID Ma48844 Gindungu Angola Crude
    We purchase spot or by term agreement Angola Crude (all). Preferably Gindungo crude non-acidic, light to medium low sulphur. Gravity (API) 32.3 Sulfur <0.56%
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  • JP54 an A1
    We are interested to purchase both and to load the product in Asia - Middle East (except JP54). Actually, we have no limits as to the purchase volume and tanker volume. We lift the product with Maersk Line or HANSE chartered vessels even under term agreement. We only buy from recognizeable sources or request a deposit into our international account upon receipt of HANSE Letter of Intent or Memofrandum (MoU).
  • Flexitanks
    HANSE OIL Refining Asia Purchase We are interested to purchase: 140 FlexiTanks / capacity 22,400 Liter, for top loading/bottom discharge, ISO 22000, steel bar, handle valves and heating pad, air releasing valve. Offers, preferably from HANSE OIL license holders, are welcome via our website: #hanse #hanseoil #hansepurchase
  • Ma.ct993833 HANSE OIL Group (Finance) -  BARTER-SWAP AFRICA vs. ASIA
    we begin oil exports to Asia in near future under an oil-for-goods barter and financing scheme with some African countries. Time-Period: 2019-2023. We are primarily seeking cooperation with lobbyists and governmental versed brokers or traders to represent the business and controlling. We also invite private commodity- and oil traders versed in swap trading to cooperate with us, subject to HANSE Business Class Licensing. We are prepared to assist in all finance matters relating to this business.
  • Emission Brokerage  Buying and Selling Emissions
    We purchase and sell emission allowances for our own portfolio as well as on behalf of our investors and corporate clients (HANSE OIL Passport Holders). Carbon pricing opens the door to a new set of investment and financing opportunities. Our customers and trading partners include industrial firms, energy suppliers, financial institutions and specialized trading companies.We buy and sell emission allowances and reduction certificates, including European Emission Allowances (EUA’s), Swiss Emissions Allowances (CHU), as well as Certified Emission Reductions issued according to Kyoto Protocol rules. We also offer more complex solutions such as options and swaps between different types of certificates.
  • Actually none
    daily updated
  • Refinery Processing Agreement
    HANSE OIL Group (1983-2018) Refining Consortium seeks long term processing agreement(s) with West-/Central+/South Africa for immediate negotiation: Refiners and selected traders or brokers may submit proposals for a processing agreement that will see HANSE OIL HOLDING supply 0,40-0,50 million barrels of crude per month in exchange for similar volumes of oil products and trading sources. Agreements can include JV-, Finance- or Merging. HANSE OIL Blog:
  • Cooperation - Take over - Investment
    We are basically open to discuss any form of cooperation or a complete takeover in the fields of energy, oil and refining whether global or regional - even under restructuring conditions.
  • Local Strategic Trading Partners wanted
    HANSE is looking for local partnerships basically at all main oil- and energy trading places worldwide. Investment Capital required. Cooperation clearly tailored to personal AND market needs.
  • Oil Field License Block(s)
    Our primary aim is to acquire license block interests from resource-rich countries. Preferably Africa and Central America including open tender for new licensed acreage held by the countries, direct negotiation, or by farming into existing license blocks where other companies already have interests. Focuse on Africa and Central America
  • Type of Payment
    We pay either by (a) HEP HANSE Documentary Electronic Payment or (b) advance payment (Bank Guarantee or Deposit) or (c) by confirmed, transferable Letter of Credit, or as mutually agreeable.

We focus on connecting with institutions and companies large and small that can help us find solutions to concrete business challenges. We are always on the lookout for ideas and solutions to improve and expand our business. Do you have a proposal for how to apply new solutions to our context in a pioneering way? 

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