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HANSE OIL Purchase

Purchase Request. Daily updated

HANSE Purchase is subject to HANSE OIL GTS General Terms of Purchase and Sale. Our licensed brokers must identify themselves by their 8-digits License ID. Brokers are not permitted to underwrite any commitment or bind HANSE to whatsoever extent. HANSE Purchase Commitments are subject to  HANSE GTS, Purchase Memorandum and a signed HANSE FTS Firm Term Sheet. Please do not submit bulk-offers and be precise as possible; preferably please do not use private email addresses. 

1.  Login / Register in our website (this site)

2.  Send us an email soft advise or use the contact form below this page for initial contact

3.  Submit your formal Business Application (Offer) upon invitation of HANSE through our website.

4.  Further proceedings require HANSE OIL Accreditation

We focus on connecting with institutions and companies large and small that can help us find solutions to concrete business challenges. We are always on the lookout for ideas and solutions to improve and expand our business. Do you have a proposal for how to apply new solutions to our context in a pioneering way? 

Your Offer Pre-Advise

Well received. Thanks for submitting! We shall usually revert within a working day.

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